Finding good insurance coverage that fits within your budget is a daunting task with way too many options to choose from. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone.


Greater Tulsa Insurance is a local, family-owned insurance agency that focuses on creating insurance strategies tailored specifically to you, your family, and your business on your terms. So if you’re finally moving out of mom and dad’s place, need an in-between home, or are downsizing, choose the team at Greater Tulsa Insurance to help you find the best condo insurance in Tulsa.

Condo Insurance in Tulsa

When people move into a condo, they aren’t typically thinking about how important condo insurance can be. The thought is that the condo association’s insurance will provide plenty of coverage for you and your belongings – this is not true!


Most condo complexes will have insurance that covers the building itself in the event of fire or flood, etc, but you are responsible for finding your own insurance to protect your personal belongings. Although this may seem stressful at first, this type of coverage offers more benefits than you may realize. Coverage for temporary housing, theft, responsibility for the injury of others while in your home, and more – it all comes from investing in the right condo insurance policy.


The team at Greater Tulsa Insurance understands all the potential needs you could have when acquiring condo insurance and is dedicated to helping you find coverage that fits within your budget.

Tulsa Insurance Agency

Too many insurance companies are far away and overloaded with clients that they aren’t able to pay attention to your needs or take care of you in a timely manner. Greater Tulsa Insurance is local to Tulsa which allows them to work directly with you – knowing your needs, wants, and budget.


The benefits of working with an independent agency like Greater Tulsa Insurance, allow you to have the personalized feel, while also having relationships and access to the big insurance companies. Because they have a local office, you can stop by anytime you have a question or want to change something about your coverage!


All of the stress that comes with searching for the right insurance coverage will no longer be yours to carry, and even better, Greater Tulsa Insurance knows the city of Tulsa and the kind of insurance that will protect you.


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Don’t spend your time comparing hundreds of different policies when you can go local and have Greater Tulsa Insurance shop for you. We are a team that is truly passionate about finding you the best policy – even tailoring it to fit your needs.


Whatever situation you may be in, we have the resources to help! From auto and home, to condo and commercial, we are ready to help you, your family, and your business feel safe and secure.


Are you ready to learn more about what Greater Tulsa Insurance has to offer? Contact us today to learn more about Tulsa condo insurance and we’ll get you fixed up in no time!